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(01-01-16) Well, this is the first update of the new year.
Happy New Year, everyone!
Spanish versions of several of the spotlight comics (eight of them total) have been added to the comic scans section of the site. They are:
  • Volume Three - Wheelie
  • Volume Four - Cyclonus
  • Volume Four - Hardhead
  • Volume Four - Doubledealer
  • Volume Four - Sideswipe
  • Volume Five - Blurr
  • Volume Five - Jazz
  • Volume Five - Cliffjumper
  • There will probably be another update at the end of today, as today was supposed to be the first day of the site's new look. There may be a few delays on updating certain parts of the site to the new layout, however. There have been a few technical/programming/coding issues on some parts of the site. More details on this soon.

    (12-19-15) More of the site has been converted to the new layout, and will be uploaded just as soon as the rest of the site gets done. Thus far, five sections plus the main index page are completely done.
    Though I did get slowed down quite a bit by updating the fanfiction seection. It's currently running on eFiction 3.5.2, but I had hoped to update it to eFiction 3.5.5. I can't quite get the new updated version's theme modded to look like the current (updated) theme. (there are also other issues, but it's currently a lot to work out, so I'm saving it for last.)

    (11-21-15) After several months of code-wrangling, arguing with tech support, and trying to learn about SQL, the Encyclopedia Cybertronia is back up.
    The sections/categories are gone, lost forever.
    Anyway, I made backups of most of the information, though all discussions were lost. But I have recreated the forum and all it's sub-forums.
    Just wanted to share the joy I have in finally saving a thought-to-be-lost part of the site.
    The information will be updated and re-added soon!

    (10-15-15) The new layout is coming!
    The site will be under heavy construction from now until January of 2016. The goal is to get everything changed over to a new layout, with new features that will make browsing the site eeasier.
    After a few hiccups with coding and design, I think I finally have everything on the sitewide series-specific drop-down menu that I can possibly stuff into it.
    And then some.
    Some sections of the site will be completely unavailable, so please don't panic if you click on something and it doesn't work.
    A few of the site's sections won't be changed over to the layout right away (or already have been) and should be working. The fanfiction, fanart, comic scans and toypics are a few of the sections I can think of off the top of my head. I'll try to think of any others that are still functional and list them here as well.
    If you find something that should be working right now and isn't, please leave me a note on the index page in the comment box.
    Thanks, and see you around the site!

    (03-26-12) I thought I'd mention that the size options for the main index page don't work yet. I was working on making two versions of the iste, large and small. Now I'm not so sure I'll need it. A lot of the content has been moved to galleries, which resize automatically according to the screen (monitor) size (the resolution).But I wanted to let people know so there's no confusion.

    (01-30-11) I added a couple of new links to the TF sites list. If you look at the top and bottom of the list, you will find the link for at the top, and TFIWTS at the bottom. the NTFA is the Nordic TransFans Association, and their site is just packed full of TF Media, including the Japanese transformers serieses, music, and a whole lotta great stuff.

    TFIWTS is actually a livejournal community, but it's the best resource I know of for finding fanfiction. The people there are knowledgeable and well-connected, nd you can find about anything you're looking for there.

    I'm also starting to list livejournal (or any journal) accounts. So if you don't have a website, but have a fanfiction archive on your livjournal or other journal account, you can now drop a link, and I'll list it.

    I'm also working on an Affiliates page that will list other sites and details about them. I'll have more details on that later, once I get started on making the page. Right now, I have more comics scans to add!

    (01-29-11) Everything old is new again! or... is that the other way around?

    Well, anyway, I took one of the layouts from the media section, and altered it to see how it would work for the frontpage. It's okay, but I'm not really enthused about it. But that's okay, because looks aren't everything. has new content that you WILL be pretty happy about, though. I just finished uploading the first two complete sets of Transformers Spotlight comics. And yes, the sidebar link to it works!

    I'm working on uploading more of them right now. The collection is almost up-to-date.

    Also, look at the bottom of the page here. *points* that's right! if you want to leave a comment for the webmaster, you no longer have to go hunting for a guestbook or forum or wonder where to leave comments. There's a comment form right here on the bottom of the frontpage just for you visitors!

    (Though the forum on livejournal is still up, if you want to go over there for discussions, updates, and all that.)


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